This week has been a bit hectic. We are going out of town for the weekend, and we will be eating in groups and who knows what will be served. At these occasions the kids menu usually tends to be the same, they eat “maccarons” with tomato (like Mac’n Cheese) for lunch and for dinner some kind of meat. Snacks are usually nutella sandwiches and breakfast is the always popular “choco-crispies”. So I decided that we will wing it this weekend and try to adapt to the group as much as possible. My kids will eat the same meals as the other kids, but they will have their own healthy breakfast and snack for the two days. Hopefully this will cover all our needs while also providing a sense of normalcy as it is always hard to go against the flow of a group.

I also included the lunch menu from Adria’s school in this week’s menu. Later this month I will post the two school menu’s.

September 29.2014