Bolets are wild mushrooms, and they are everywhere right now


This is a quick easy meal, an omelet of bolets and onions, goes great with a salad and bread. I love the recipe because, as usual with mediterranean fare, it only has a few ingredients, olive oil, onion, bolets and eggs. You can add a little salt to taste.

First sautee the onions in olive oil in a heavy pan over mediym heat. If the bolets are dried soak them in a little water, otherwise throw them into the pan once the onions are soft. Once they are nice and soft too, pour in 6 or 7 beaten eggs and let the whole thing cook until the eggs are set and the omelet is cooked at least half way through. Flip the omelet over, you may need to creatively slide it onto a plate first and do it in a two step procesa. Let it cook on the other side for a few minutes and then serve.