I have a new stew pot and I could not wait to use it to make something. I attempted Estofado de Ternera, which came out very well and the kids liked it.

Here is the process. I bought a half kilo of veal steak, cut into cubes. I sautéed this is olive oil in the stew pot with a little flour sprinkled over until brown. Then I added one chopped onion and a couple cloves of garlic as well as a grated tomato. Once all this softened I added a cup of white wine, a bit of salt and cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg. Then I turned the heat to very low, added a few cups of water, covered the pot and simmered for 2 hours while I did other chores. I later put the pot with the stew on the porch as a kind of refrigerator overnight since I work and didn’t have time to finish the stew on the same day. The next day I heated up the stew, added two peeled chopped potatoes plus a cup of shelled English peas and simmered for 20 minutes. We had the stew for dinner with bread and had leftovers for a couple lunches.

I usually don’t make anything complicated much less a two day recipe, but this worked out well since I could prepare it in two parts. I think it would have been better to marinate the meat in red wine, still the stew was really good: a perfect winter meal.