Time Savers

We try to make homemade meals daily, but we can’t spend more than 30 to 40 minutes preparing them, so they have to be quick and easy. In addition to preparing recipes with few ingredients, these are a few time-saving tips that make it possible.

1. Plan the menu –  I plan a menu once per week and make a list of all the food we need.

2. Grocery Day – We do all of our grocery shopping for the week on one day. This greatly reduces the time spent thinking about and actually shopping for food.  In the coming days, things are fast and easy since all of the food that is needed is on hand and no one has to worry about running out of things.

3. Measure, Cut, Package and Freeze – We try to measure all our portions, cut and prepare all meats and dishes in advance, package it all and freeze it. This helps reduce wasted food and makes putting it all together a quick effort.

Whenever I buy fresh meats and fish I have the butcher divide the meats into individual portion sizes and package them in groups of four (for our four person household). Whatever we don’t eat in two days can be frozen. Any weekday morning, we can take something out of the freezer, leave it out to thaw and prepare it that eventing.  An amazing discovery we made early on was….EVERYTHING can be frozen.

4. Online & Delivery – Each month we order canned goods and household products. Being in Barcelona, we have to buy huge quantities of water, plus, milk comes in a box! We buy it all by the case. We also subscribe to a weekly fruit and vegetable box and have that delivered.




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